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Tie Strip Roll

Plastic Tie-Strips on
Tie Strip Rolls

When the needs for Tie Strips are not consistent in length, rolls of Tie-Strips are available in various widths for random cutting

  • These all plastic, all purpose ties are available in 3/8", 9/16" and 3/4" widths to provide a variety of strengths.
  • Our standard Tie-Strip colors are White, Yellow, Green and Blue. Upon request, we can provide additional colors.
  • When your application requires ties of consistent lengths our pre-cut Tie-Strip is available.
Quantity in Rolls
HD Poly TSR38
3/8" Wide
1000 Feet
HD Poly TSR916
9/16" Wide
1000 Feet
HD Poly TSR34
3/4" Wide
500 Feet
1-50 $24.63 per roll $33.15 per roll $27.68 per roll
55-100 $21.92 per roll $29.58 per roll $24.43 per roll
105+ $19.47 per roll $26.28 per roll $21.89 per roll

Priced per roll and packed 5 rolls per carton. Minimum order is 5 rolls.

Serving a variety of needs with custom tie lengths for:

  • Bundles and bundling cables and wire, computer, electronics
  • Hoses: Lawn, garden, industrial, vineyards 
  • Food bags and container closures, trash bags 
  • Travel and luggage identification and security
  • Ties for color-coded identification
  • Automotive tie-down, mounting, grouping, harnesses

Made in the USA

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