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pre-cut tie strips

Tie Strips in Pre-Cut Lengths

  • These all plastic, all purpose ties are available in 3/8", 9/16" and 3/4" widths to provide a variety of strengths.
  • They can be pre-cut to virtually any length and have tapered and perforated ends for ease in threading.
  • Our standard Tie-Strip colors are White, Yellow, Green and Blue. Upon request, we can provide additional colors.
  • Where the needs for Tie Strip are not consistent in length, rolls of Tie-Strip are available in the various widths for random cutting.

Click on the model number below for current pricing.

Please call 201-343-1200 or email us for additional lengths or samples.

How To Lock and Tighten Tyz-All Tie Strips How To loosen Tyz-All Tie Strips

To Lock and Tighten

Pinch edges of one end downward. Pass through 3rd or 4th hole at other end. Pull ends in opposite directions to desired tightness.

To Loosen or Open

Pull back on flat end.

Tie-Strip sizes

Made in the USA

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