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We have always been a family oriented company and all of our relationships are based on integrity and trust. Our staff prides itself in always providing quality tie strips, nylon and plastic (HDPE) ties cut to length, ties on rolls or tie strips in sheets. We are always working with our customers to meet their needs. We look forward to providing a solution to your industrial requirements. A full line of cable ties are also available in assorted colors, sizes and cable tie styles. 

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Company History

Tyz-All Plastics, Inc. was incorporated in 1975 as a vehicle for Mr. Gene Ballin to produce and market all of his patents. He had been a builder of private homes and accumulated patents, both foreign and domestic, for his many inventions over the years.

Gene was the sole manufacturer and developer of his products including a line of plastic ties, interior shrink film, vinyl window insulation kits, and tube winders for the advertising specialty trade. 

With larger offices and more warehouse space, Tyz-All is even more capable of meeting our primary goal of offering our customers the best quality product at a reasonable price with timely deliveries and exceptional, personal customer service.


Tyz-All Plastics, LLC is dedicated to providing products of the highest quality at a reasonable cost and delivered in a timely manner. We strive to meet the tie strip and cable tie needs of all our customers and exceed their expectations .


Tyz-All will always maintain high principles to meet the needs of our customers by establishing effective processes that are continuously reviewed, revised and improved upon. By living our values of commitment, honesty, teamwork, trust and accountability we are able to drive forward and provide our customers with the reusable, retiable, reclosable and releasable plastic tie strips (Brands include: Tie-Strips™, Tie Strip Rolls™, and Aro-Ties™ heat resistant nylon) they need to meet their goals and achieve success. If it does not meet our customer's standards then it does not meet ours.

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