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Manufacturer of
Plastic (HDPE) Polyethylene TIE-STRIPS
Pre-Cut Lengths or on Rolls
  • Reusable Ties
  • Releasable Ties
Pre-Cut Tie Strips - Tyz-All Tie Strip Rolls - Tyz-All Tie Strip Sheets - Tyz-All
Tie Strips Cut
to Your Needs in
Assorted Colors
Ties on Continuous
Rolls For Heavy
Duty Bundling
Ties Strips in Sheets
Gangs, or Single

Full Line of Cable Ties in
Assorted Colors, Shapes, and Sizes

  • Nylon Cable Ties for mounting, bundling, and lashing
  • See Product Page for color samples
  • All style cable ties from 18lb tensile strength to heavy duty 250lb tensile strength

Servicing a Large Variety of Industries Including:

  • Automotive Ties for bundling, wire harnesses, cable bundles
  • Lawn & Garden for multipurpose hose bundling, vineyard ties, plant support 
  • Travel for luggage ties, security and tamper identification
  • Food nylon bag ties with heat resistant and reusable applications

Made in the USA

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